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The technique - Valuable components ... "Simply the Best"

  In all types of equipment of the same quality technology is built in, which has been proven by the experience of recent years to be the best - but the reality is it will evolve.

The basic of our development was our photo booth "Classic 07" for biometric passport photos.

For the devices that are used at events, changes were made.

On one hand, the components were removed for accepting money and return, on the other hand added parts for the branding of the photos, software and the machine housing.

"Perfect and solid" - that was the principle for the development and production of equipment in order to ensure high noise immunity and easy to service you. Wisely, the individual components are selected, the resulting quality of a balanced package and have been proven in practice.

Customer-friendly in operation through the straightforward procedures, the systems are also designed for users who usually can not handle automatic or want. The customer can see his portrait by a glare-free safety glass in the door vandalism secured in a video monitor in original size! A built-grid he can do his face just after the audiovisual statements so that the photos easily meet the requirements for passport photos with biometric data.

The digital camera photographs with 5 million pixels and displays up to 4 photos on the touch screen to select.

The operator of the machine is a simple to use service menu is available on the touch screen, so that the entire system scan within 8 - 10 minutes. Has been completed - including billing

Check out the function of the service menu!
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The system contains following products: central power switch and PLL-lamp - 37cm TV-screen with mirror glass and frame foil, high-quality digital camera, 4 studio-flashes for blind-free illumination (2x on top, 1x at the bottom, 1x in the back), coin- and bank-note-acceptor, 3 “hoppers“ for money-return (2€, 1€, 0.50€ coins), “blackbox“ for electronic steering of the money-business independent from the computer, 2 speakers, a HiTi-Fotosublimationsprinter with a printing time of 9 seconds per photo sheet and 1,000-sheet paper capacity and a corresponding ribbon,  computer case (industry- standard) with 120mm additional ventilator, UPS (non-stop power supply) for professional turning-off  the machine after a power interruption, 17“ TFT-color-screen with touchscreen and controller.

Whole packed in a vandal-resistant, air-conditioned and powdered steel cases (RAL 9006) with containers for paper money and coins.