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Great Software


  The developed software is controlled via the touch screen, is easy to use, runs absolutely stable and should be tailored to different applications. Without a mouse and keyboard you can do the maintenance and service of the machine check only on the touch screen within minutes.
Depending on the type of the sites at which the photo booths are operated, the software can be adapted:

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  For customers in shopping centers and in a similar location, the "full monty" is released, it is required to offer a high quality passport photos included with the collection of biometric data. Events for a "fast version without pay" can be set to choose the operator that is to be printed: 1 -, 2 -, 4 -, 6 - or more photos, with / without custom logo, etc..  

Standard languages are English, German, French, Dutch, Turkish and Russian.

Other languages are available if needed, including also Arabic, Chinese and Farsi.

Statistics and analysis

The computers in our vending log all movements.

Thus any time precise statistics on sales, department shares occupancy times, billing, etc. are available.